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Dr. Rebecca Murray is recognized globally as a distinguished speaker, mentor, and Christian leader.  Her seven-mountain mandate to teach and train in the areas of Family, Religion, Education, Media, Entertainment, Business, and Government are collaborative efforts brought forth for the express purpose of enabling her audience to apply Biblical principles to every day life situations.


She is masterful at bringing her lifelong experiences to her audiences in a way that demonstrates the successful outcome of her consistent blend of wisdom, patience, and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  From her beginnings in the basement of her home to an international ministry platform, from three Bible study students years ago to the privately accredited Kingdom Bible College and Seminary of today with satellite campuses across the globe, Dr. Rebecca’s work and message touch hearts and lives of every age, nationality, and culture. 

She is relatable, personable, professional, and above all, powerful.  Her ministry is multi-dimensional, her message is supremely anointed, her vision encompasses international outreach, and her doors are always open to teach, train, and equip.  Above all else, her life is a reflection of God’s image, and her mission is to help others understand that what He has done in and for her, He can do for others as well.

"Dr. Rebecca Murray’s Mindshift Master Class was a life changer for me." 

- Ministry Receiver 

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