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Great Faith - Supernatural

The word doesn’t come just to inform you but to transform you. There are doors open in the heavens for each of you. The voice of the Lord is speaking. And everyone is feeling that there is something more for them. It will take the mind lining up with the word in order to get to the next level.

You have the power in you NOW!!

The question is how do I reach that place in the spirit? The Realm of the eternal.

How to bring heaven to earth?

  1. You have to let go of your limitations

  2. Change your Mindset

  3. You have to see yourself differently

  4. Change your mind change your limitations

  5. Start to see yourself as the presence of God

  6. Remember that wherever you go you are taking Him

  7. The kingdom of God is in you

Hebrews 2:9-12

Are you seeing Jesus or your lack of finances, or your health issues?

1 Cor 3:17 One Spirit

When you are seeing your limitations are you seeing Jesus or only believing what you feel and see in the flesh?

Romans 5:1-2 Being justified by Faith

You have Great Faith because you are a vessel carrying the anointing of God. You have access by faith and all healing, and prosperity belong to you. Remember Gods word is His will so get into His word.

You must put your voice to the word of God. Nothing happens until you speak the spoken word. Just like God spoke “Let there be light”. He spoke and it was.

When you release the word of God it goes into the atmosphere.

You can be filled with the faith of the word of God or fear. You don’t know what can happen because you are looking at your limitations. Speak the Word because great Faith comes by speaking it!! You cannot have doubt and unbelief and Great Faith.

You are the gate keeper of what comes in. Faith or Fear - Mark 5:36

See the full message by clicking the link Supernatural Faith Part 2

Apostle Rebecca Murray February 13, 2020

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