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Moving In the Power of God is for EVERYONE!

If you need a jump start of faith, you've come to the right place, Let hunger and hope arise as you comb through the pages of God's purpose and presence that reflect ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

Let How to Walk in a Life of Miracles:

- Compel you to see the handiwork of the Father in every aspect of your life

- Become the building block that bolsters and broadens your resolve and firmness of purpose

- Propel you to discover the rich texture of walking in a life filled with miracles

Every chapter embraces the knowledge that our God-given portion is packed with potential. Each page explains how this portion can be lived out and experienced regardless of where you are in life, or how you see your future unfold.

Are you ready to walk in a life of miracles? Are you interested in soaring into heights beyond your wildest dreams? Dr. Rebecca's resounding proclamation throughout How to Walk in a Life of Miracles is profoundly simple; "If God can do this through me, He can do it through vou"

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