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Dr. Rebecca Murray Auther Of Mind Shift



How To Walk In A Life Of Miracles

Order your copy of "How to Walk in A LIFE OF MIRACLES" today and register for the exclusive virtual book launch event where I will share my best next steps to activating miracles in your own life!

Are Your Thoughts Feeding Your Vision?

Let Dr. Rebecca give you the tools and the training that will: Help you develop a vision which will produce results, Help you set goals and stay the course that will create the most successful you, and Help you discover how to transform suspended expectations into strategic success

Dr. Rebecca Murray Preaching


Dr. Rebecca Murray is recognized globally as a distinguished speaker, mentor, and Christian leader.  Her seven-mountain mandate to teach and train in the areas of Family, Religion, Education, Media, Entertainment, Business, and Government are collaborative efforts brought forth for the express purpose of enabling her audience to apply Biblical principles to everyday life situations. 

Pastor Mignon Akasa of Portering The Glory

Pastor Mignon Akasa

"Dr. Rebecca has the anointing to render even the most difficult subject simple ensuring that everyone can understand. She believes in the simplicity of the Gospel. As an apostle, she operates in the realm of the supernatural like none other. As a witness, I have seen the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the barren conceive and the oppressed freed. Truly one cannot remain the same after having been in her presence."

Pam Wells

Pam Wells

Dr. Rebecca Murray mind shift class has helped me in so many ways. It has helped define and pinpoint exactly what my vision and purpose is. It has taught me so many things and that I have control over my thoughts. It has also helped restore relationships. This class has changed my life.

Joyce Miller

Dr. Rebecca Murray’s Mindshift Master Class was a life changer for me. Once I learned the strategies of how to manage my thoughts, I was on the path to a new way of thinking and my rules for living every day were altered. Dr. Rebecca defined the operation of our mind, the conscious and the unconscious, which was a tipping point in my life and the way I think and live today.

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